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Preserved and cased Chub, caught F. Taylor in the River Thames at Cherwell, on the 7th December, 1927. Weight 4lbs 6ozs.


Latin name -Leuciscus cephalus

Colour - It has a dark greyish green back, grey, green or bluish sides with a yellowish belly. The lower fins are reddish brown and the others dark brown.

Size - Chub normally weigh 1.5kg (3lb) and grow to 50/60cm in length. Chub can live for over 12 years and the biggest fish ever caught weighed 7.5kb (16lb).

Characteristics - The chub is a member of the carp family. Its body is long and its head is wide with a wide mouth. It has large, black edged scales which are characteristic to the chub.

Habitat - The chub likes deep, clean and slow flowing water and it typically found in the middle reaches of rivers usually in shoals.

Diet - They feed on crustaceans and insects and the larger ones on smaller fish and frogs. The chub is not a fussy eater and will try most things it comes across.

How fished for - Bait used varies widely as they are attracted by many basic food stuffs

Interesting facts - An old English name for the chub is Loggerhead.
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River Thames
Associated Date
07 Dec 1927
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20th century
07 Dec 1927