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Cigarette card titled 'Sculling- R.H. Pearce, Canada' showing, in monochrome photo, Pearce at the boat rafts at Henley Royal Regatta. On the reverse the heading 'Sporting Events and Stars - Series of 96-No. 46. Underneath text headed 'R.H. Pearce, Canada' describing how Pearce had defeated E. Phelps for the World Sculling Championship in 1933, and successfully defended the title against Miller in 1934. At the bottom 'Senior service, Junior Member and Illingworths No 10'.
Part of the Thomas E. Weil Collection. Thomas E. Weil is a very knowledgeable and respected collector of rowing memorabilia from all over the world. His extensive collection includes material from many years of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race, and Henley Royal Regatta. He also lectures and writes on rowing history and is a Trustee of the River and Rowing Museum.
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The Tom Weil Collection/Rowing
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