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Collectors or photocard, titled 'USA Olympic Cards - Hall Of Fame - USA', showing, in monochrome photo,a closeup of a sculler posed at the catch in his single. At the bottom 'John B Kelly, SR - Rowing'. On the reverse the title 'John Brendon Kelly, SR - 47' followed by his personal details and a picture of a mature JBK, and a description of his career including reference to his son, Jack Kelly Jr. At the bottom motifs and trademark data of the Impel Marketing Inc.
Part of the Thomas E. Weil Collection. Thomas E. Weil is a very knowledgeable and respected collector of rowing memorabilia from all over the world. His extensive collection includes material from many years of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race, and Henley Royal Regatta. He also lectures and writes on rowing history and is a Trustee of the River and Rowing Museum.
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The Tom Weil Collection/Rowing
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Olympic Games Antwerp, 1920
Olympic Games Paris, 1924