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Digital copy of a black and white photograph of the ladies of ZLAC Rowing Club.

Top Row, right to left
Lilia Burnham
Claire Parmelee
Viola Ernsting
Adele Harris
Ruth Carter
Winnefred Utley
Dorothea White

Row 2
Marie Roach
Grace Gould
Nell Dolg
Lucy Newkirk
Jessie Tucker
Ruth Crippen
Lenora Miller
Marcia Harris
Irene Hartman

Row 3
Myrtel Allen
Claire Wilcox
Juliet New Kirk
Leila Klauber
Elsa Wentcher
Margaret Detrick
Edith Viley
Katherine Gartner
Fanny Lockhart

Row 4
Ruth Sheriff
Mary Bowen
Lilia Titus
Sarah Shaw
Helen Marston

Saved on a green/white striped CD labelled 'ZLAC Rowing Club' on which is printed Point Loma Camera, 1310 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 224-2719. The CD is in a white paper window sleeve with a print of thumbnails of the pictures on the disc.
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20th century
Associated Event
Acquisitions Meeting January, 2006
Acquisitions Meeting February, 2006