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Roman bronze coin of the emperor Allectus (293-296), depicting a galley on the reverse. Minted at London.

The Roman troops who invaded Britain in 296 to reassert their authority over the rogue ruler Allectus feared his naval power, represented here by the galley on the reverse of his coinage. A fog allowed the attackers to evade the rebel ships, and land the soldiers who re-took the province.

Part of the Thomas E. Weil Collection. Thomas E Weil is a very knowledgeable and respected collector of rowing memorabilia from all over the world. His extensive collection includes material from many years of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race, and Henley Royal Regatta. He also lectures and writes on rowing history and is a Trustee of the River and Rowing Museum.
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The Tom Weil Collection/Rowing
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293 AD
296 AD
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296 AD