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W.H. Brakspear and Sons Limited
After Robert Brakspear's death in 1812, his son William commenced a business partnership with Joseph Benwell, who had inherited the brewery in New Street Henley from his uncle Peter Sarney. These premises had been used as a brewery since 1715 by the Sarney family. William Brakspear established W. H Brakspear and Sons and eventually bought the New Street premises in 1856. The firm became a limited company in 1896 but always traced its origins to Robert Brakspear's move to Henley in 1779. The company continued to brew beer on these premises until 2003.
Bunches of Holly and Mistletoe were always hung from the brewery building every Christmas and left there for the following year to ensure good luck whilst the company brewed beer on this site.
The company used a flying bee logo on many of its products throughout it's history. The silhoutte of its founder Robert Brakspear was also used on some promotional products.
Place Of Birth
Henley on Thames/Oxfordshire/England
Place Of Death
Henley on Thames/Oxfordshire/England


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