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MATTHEW TAYLOR, boatbuilder
Matthew Taylor was a ship's carpenter from Ouseburn on the river Tyne who was also a successful oarsman and coach. As a boatbuilder he came to fame when Royal Chester RC commissioned a Taylor four Victoria in 1854, in which they won the Stewards' and the Wyfold at Henley in 1855. An order for an eight followed, and in 1856 Chester duly won the Grand and the Ladies' Plate. They were also losing finalists in the Visitors' and Wyfold (coxless fours) and withdrew from the Stewards'. The key to Taylor's boat design was moving the keel which usually ran along the bottom of the hull inboard, so that the hull was smooth and there was less 'drag' or friction caused by the wetted skin as the boat moved through the water.


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