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Revived rowing in Ratzeburg, Federal Republic of Germany, after 1939-45 war, and took West Germany to the top.Adam was a maths and philosophy teacher at Ratzeburg High School and a former boxer. Ratzeburg Ruderclub was formed on the lake in the small north German village on the border with the Democratic Republic of Germany. Adam's crews went on rowing as students and practically took over the German team. He introduced interval training into rowing; his coaching was controversial but successful, his oarsmen were rebels but winners, and the federation's traditionalists were routed. Adam predicted that the DDR would learn from his ways and outstrip the FDR, and he was right. He founded the Rateburg Ruderacademy which is a principal research and training centre for German rowing and sculling.
Coach Federal Republic of Germany Olympic rowing eight, 1972.
Christopher Dodd, Story of World Rowing, London 1992


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