Date Born/Est
17 Sep 1914
Date Died/Ceased
16 Feb 1997
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Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson (1917-97) was Olympic champion in coxless pairs with Ran Laurie in 1948. He represented Cambridge in three winning Boat Races from 1934-36. His enley Royal Regatta successes comprise the Ladies' Plate with Shrewsbury in 1932; the Stewards' with Pembroke in 1933 and 193, and with Leander in 1938; the Grand with Pembroke in 1935; the Goblets with Laurie in 1938 and 1948.

Laurie and Wilson's remarkable feat of winning the Goblets twice separated by ten years without rowing earned them a place in the 1948 GB Olympic team. Their Olympic gold medal secured their reputation as the finest pair-oar of their generation. (Britain's next Olympic triumph in this boat was that of Steve Redgrave and Andy Holmes in 1988.)
Place Of Birth
Bristol/Rhode Island/United States of America


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