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Hobbs was a resident in Henley and architect to W.H. Brakspear & Sons Ltd. who named a pub after him. He was an acclaimed angler and well known for his book 'Trout of the Thames'.

Hobbs was born in Rotherfield Greys in 1871 and lived in the Henley area all his life. Whilst working as an architect for Brakspear Brewery in the 1930's he was responsible for designing the Travellers Rest in Caversham, Lands End in Woodley and The Fox at Bix among other local pubs.

Hobbs claimed to have caught almost 900 Thames trout, each over 3lbs in weight, in 55 years of fishing. He fished in non-tidal reachesof the Thames. Hobbs thought fishing was an art which required knowledge and understanding of the river, lengthy observances of the fish but most of all natrual anglers instinct.
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Henley on Thames/Oxfordshire/England


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