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Cooper's was established in 1825. The first John Cooper, originally a watch-maker, set up his business in Radnor Street, St. Luke's, London. His son (also John) joined and took over the business in 1872. It was during the life of John (II) that Cooper's became renowned across the world with customers as far away as New Zealand, Canada, India and Mexico and with partons of status including The Duke of Edinburgh.

In 1896 the business becam J. Cooper & Sons when John (II) was joined by his sons. Later, in the 1940's they moved to bath Road, Hounslow, but the company disbanded in teh 1950s.

The quality of work for which J. Cooper & Sons was known makes these fish very collectable today. The work and styles of this reputable company varied during its existence. A 'Cooper' case can usually be identified by the existence of a small label in the back of the case. These labels can be used to date the case, as the laebl style changed at regular intervals.

There appears to have been various changes in style of work most particulaly around 1930. During the period between 1870 and the 1930''s the colours used for the fish were less vivid than when alive and the backboard scene was always pale blue. After the 1930's there was a dramatic change with the use of brighter colours, more detail for the fish and a pale green background.


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