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E W Haslehust was born at Walthamstow in Essex, the eldest son of William Henry Haslehust, of Lee, Kent. Studied at the Slade School. A keen gardener, nature lover with an interest in scientific instruments.
His paintings, executed between 1910 and 1915, provide a fascinating view of the countryside, villages and towns before the First World War.

Landscape painter, chiefly in watercolour. Studied art at the Slade under Legros. Exhibited at R.A., R.I., R.B.A and in the provinces. Elected R.B.A 1911, R.I 1924, and is represented in several public collections. Principal works include The Bridge, Near Arundel and A Devon Estuary. He illustrated the Beautiful Britain series of books and also designed railway posters. Member of the Langham Sketching Club and President of the Midland Sketch Club. Lived in South London for many years and died on 3rd July 1949.
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Walthamstow/Greater London/England
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