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Preserved and cased Thames Roach, caught by Mr. F. Huphris in the River Thames at Pinkhill on the 25th December 1945.

Preserved and mounted by J Cooper & Sons of London.


Latin Name - Rutilius rutilus

Colour - Roach varies in colour but usually the back is dark bluish green, its sides are blue or silvery and its belly is white. Its dorsal (back) fins are greyish brown and the other fins are reddish. The iris of its eye is red.

Size - Roach usually weigh about 500g (11lb) and are 15-25cm (6-10in) long.

Characteristics - A roach is a member of the carp familiy and can live for 12 years.

Diet - It eats both animal and plant material. In the winter it feeds less and during sawning (production of eggs) it does not feed.

Habitat - Roach live in slow flowing rivers and in shoals (groups). Is is one of the most common fish found in the Thames.

How fished for - It is a popular fish for anglers and can be caught with maggots and worms and usually by float fishing.

Interesting Facts - The roach is one of the easiest fish to age by the pattern of growth rings on its scales.
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River Thames
Associated Date
25 Dec 1945
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20th century
25 Dec 1945